"Pegs" - Winterstarz Flaming Pegasus, RN, WTD, WPD, WWPD

Istari's Procyon Winterstar, ROMWD X Black Ice's Flaming Sirius, WTD, ROMWD

Howler and Pegs often run wheel together       Pegs excitedly waits her turn at weight pull practice        LOOK OUT - Here comes Pegs!     

Pegs was born on WinterStar farm October 22, 2003, a member of our first litter.  She stood out from the other puppies from the very start, due to her beautiful and unusual coloration and markings, and also her athleticism and attitude.   With her muscles seemingly always tensed and ready to go, she led her littermates everywhere they went.  Her high energy level and joy in life earned her the puppy name "Party Girl."  Many people wanted to purchase Pegs from us for a pet, but we wanted her energy for our sled team, and also recognized that she needed to be in a home where she could channel all that energy into work! 

Pegs has lived up to her registered name Pegasus, being as fast as a winged horse.  She is an explosive pulling dog and a true powerhouse on our team.  We run her most often in wheel position, although occasionally she and Major run in dual lead.  We started training and competing with Pegs in weight pulling competitions in 2010, because at home she really loves pulling loads of firewood up the hill from our woodshed to the house.   We also started pack hiking with Pegs in 2010, and she completed all four 10+ mile pack hikes for her Working Pack Dog title in short order!  Her last leg was a very scenic hike on her 7th birthday in Eldorado Canyon State Park in Colorado, during the Alaskan Malamute Nationals.  Pegs has completed Beginner Obedience, and earned her WTD (Working Team Dog) title in 2007. 
She earned her WWPD (Working Weight Pull Dog) and WPD (Working Pack Dog) titles in 2010.

In the summer of 2013, we set up a Rally course at home and worked all of the dogs on their obedience and attentiveness skills.  We decided to compete with four of the youngsters that fall, but our old girl Pegs was so delighted to do Rally again (we had not worked her in Rally for about 8 years), that she was leaping to obey.  It was so much fun watching her work that we decided to compete with her as well.  Pegs did great, placing 1st at her first trial and finishing in the ribbons each time, at all breed trials.  She earned her Rally Novice (RN) title just three days before her 10th birthday, which seemed a great way to celebrate!  Enjoy watching Pegs at work in the "Let's Go!" Rally movie below.

Pegs Lets Go Rally Novice

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