We are proud to be an AKC Breeder of Merit.

Tamuli and Wes puppies were born January 22, 2018.
          Tamuli in January 2018  X  Wes

Update 3/25/18 - Huli Huli and Menehune have gone to their new homes!  Kahuna is joining our team.

Our Hawaii litter, two boys and a girl - Kahuna, Huli Huli and Menehune, have arrived!

A biography and photo slideshow of Tamuli are on the More Starz page - scroll down the page to find it.

The waiting list is full for this litter.  We are still screening for the Scorch breeding.  The pedigree of this litter is full of accomplished working, performance, and show dogs.  Contact us if you are interested in a future Winterstarz puppy.  Slideshow below has pictures, most recent shown first.  Weekly videos will be posted on the Puppy Photos page.

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Scorch was bred to Bootstrap and Ruckus in January 2018.
             Scorch  X  Bootstrap

Update 3/21/18 - Scorch delivered 5 healthy pups, 4 boys and 1 girl!   These are our Star Trek puppies - Bones, Spock, Scotty, Kirk and Uhura (or as we call her, Woo-hura!)  We tried this breeding in summer of 2017 and didn't get a pregnancy, so this time we bred to Ruckus as well as Bootstrap.  We will DNA type all the puppies to determine their sire for registration purposes.

Update 5/1/18 - The DNA results are in - all five pups are sired by Ruckus.

Update 5/23/18 - All the pups have gone to their new homes.  We are keeping Bones and Woohura and look forward to lots of fun work and play and events with them.

This is the second mating for Scorch, the second for Ruckus (he is the sire of our Orion) and the first for Bootstrap.  We are excited about this mating because Bootstrap is an excellent quality dog with astonishing accomplishments; we are happy to be keeping him in the gene pool for our breed.  Scorch is beautiful, sweet, and athletic, and is building her own impressive list of titles and awards, in conformation, working and Rally.  Scorch and Ruckus are both All Around Alaskan Malamutes.  These friendly, healthy and versatile dogs represent our breed well.  Here is the pedigree for the puppies if Bootstrap is the sire.  Here is the pedigree if Ruckus is the sire.

Bootstrap's health clearance certifications are here on the OFA website.  Hips - Excellent; Elbows - Normal; Eyes - Normal; Cardiac - Normal; Polyneuropathy - Clear; Long Coat - l/l.  His thyroid has been tested annually with the last test in 2017, and is normal.   Scorch's health certifications and pedigree are listed on the right side of her webpage. See Ruckus' page for his health clearances.

Our waiting list is full for these pups; we are taking names on stand by in case a puppy becomes available.  We are also considering a 2019 breeding of Scorch to Raider, this is a repeat of the litter we had in 2016.  The pups were so terrific, we want more!  Contact us if you are interested in a future Winterstarz puppy. 

Slideshow below has photos, most recent shown first.  Weekly videos will be posted to the Puppy Photos page.

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Scorch and Raider  - puppies were born 7/18/16!
ScorchX Raider
Seven pups, two boys and five girls, have arrived.  This mating is the first for both Scorch and Raider!  Raider was 11.5 years old at the time of the mating and is aging very well; he won several awards at the April 2016 Alaskan Malamute Specialty in Harrisburg, PA.

Raider's health clearances are:
Hips - Good (AM-13290G111M-VPI); Eyes - Normal (AM-EYE129/98M-VPI); Thyroid - Normal (AM-TH117/93M-VPI); Polyneuropathy - Clear by Parentage; Long Coat - S/S (does not carry long coat).  See Scorch's page for her health clearances, they are listed on the right side.

Here is the pedigree of this litter - lots of healthy, good working dogs behind these pups!  A photo slideshow is below, the most recent pictures play first.  Weekly videos are posted on the Puppy Photos page, with the newest videos at the top of the page.

Our waiting list is full for these pups.  Contact us if you are interested in a future Winterstarz puppy.

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Ruckus and Penny puppies were born 1/19/14!

Ruckus   x  Penny

A boy - Diamond Jim, and a girl - Ruby, were born January 19, 2014.  See the Flickr slideshow here for photos to watch the pups grow.  We will post videos once a week on the Puppy Photos page.

This mating is between our male Ruckus - who has proven himself in the show ring, on the trails, in agility and Rally, hiking, weight pulling and public service - and our girl Penny, who likewise is a very accomplished dog with a fantastic temperament.  Penny is one of only 11 Alaskan Malamutes in our breed to be recognized by the Alaskan Malamute Club of America with the All Around Alaskan Malamute Award.  Read more about these fabulous dogs on their pages - also check out the photos and videos there.  Their health clearances are on their pages, on the right hand side.

Check out the pedigree of this litter, this is a line breeding on some terrific dogs, including "Montana" - Marlayne's Forty-Niner, and "Nikaya" - Black Ice's Autumn Splendor. 

UPDATE 12/10/13:  Penny is pregnant!  Puppies are due January 17, 2014. 
UPDATE 1/15/14:  Penny's X-ray shows just 2 puppies, due any day now.  Due to this small litter size, we are not accepting any more people to our waiting list for these puppies.  Contact Us if you are interested in a future Winterstarz puppy.

Major and Thick't puppies were born 12/15/13!
    X    Thickt wins a 5 point major
Two baby girls, Olympia and Scorch, were born December 15!  See the Thick't slideshow below for pictures and check back often as we will update frequently.  We will also be posting videos of the pups each week on the Puppy Photos Page.

Thick't (Istari's Th' Plot Thickens) is the niece of TuVee, and we are thrilled that her owners, Helen and John Schultz of Tol Istari Kennels, agreed to lease her to us to breed to Major.  Click here to see the pedigree of this litter, full of great working and show dogs!  Thick't is a sweet girl who has done well in the show ring and on the sledding trails.  She is two points away from earning her AKC Championship.  We got to see her in action here at the farm at the 2013 CrowDitarod, where she sledded 10 miles on the Crow River as half of a 2-dog team!  See pictures of Thick't in the slideshow below. 

Thick't is the daughter of Trilo, GCH Istari's Epic Trilogee, WTD, WWPD, who was one of the Top 20 Alaskan Malamutes in conformation wins in 2011.  Trilo was #8 overall and the #2 female!  Thick't's sire is Ahnaka, CH Istari's Ahnaka of the Anduril, WWPD.  Ahnaka was one of the past mals at Tol Istari Kennels, back in the 1990s.  Frozen semen on Ahnaka which had been saved for over 10 years was used to produce Thick't.  Click here to see Thick't's Pedigree.

Thick't has great health clearances - OFA Hips Excellent; OFA Elbows Normal; Eyes Normal; Polyneuropathy NN; ChD eligible under the retired AMCA system.  Her DNA has been banked with CHIC for canine health research.  Thick't's health clearances are posted on the OFA website here.

We are not adding anyone new to our waiting list for this litter.  Contact us if you are interested in a future Winterstarz puppy.

Major and TuVee breeding.  UPDATE June 2013 - TuVee was bred to Major  three times, but we did not get a pregnancy.  We are leasing TuVee's niece Thick't to breed to MajorContact Us if you are interested in a puppy sired by Major. 

We bred Major and TuVee in spring 2012, but did not get a pregnancy.  Check back for updates and Contact Us if you are interested in a puppy from this breeding.  TuVee is GCH Istari's TuVee or Not TuVee, WTD, WWPDX.  A terrific working dog with a sweet temperament, we have admired TuVee in action at our CrowDitarod dogsledding events and weight pulls.  TuVee won the Working Dog Showcase at the 2011 Alaskan Malamute Club of America National Specialty Show in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  With both sire and dam descended from a long line of good working dogs, we anticipate puppies from this cross will have great temperaments and working drive.  TuVee is owned by Helen and John Schultz of Tol Istari Malamutes in Spring Green, Wisconsin - so if puppies are coming, they will be born in Wisconsin.  Helen and John sold us our foundation dog Procyon, the sire of Major.  Take a look at TuVee in the slideshow below.

AURIE'S PUPPIES sired by Sunny, born May 4, 2011 have gone to their new homes, including one boy, Western Star, who has joined the team at WinterStar Farm.  Check out the fun story of the birth of these pups, the "Headin' Down the Highway" litter, in the 2011 News and Events link on our History page.

In late September 2010 we bred our male Major to Mirka, registered name Northpaw's Kosmic Kisses, both dogs pictured to the right.  Mirka delivered five beautiful puppies on November 28, 2010 - two boys and three girls!  These puppies have gone to their new homes - one boy, Arrakis, came to live here at WinterStar Farm.  Take a look at the Pedigree of this litter - lots of great working dogs with good temperaments!  For more pictures please see the slideshow on the Puppy Photos page. 

AURIE'S PUPPIES sired by Charger, born August 1, 2010 and January 1, 2009  have gone to their new homes, except two girls, Penny and Sassy and one boy, Huck, who we kept here on the farm.  Watch for updates on these pups on the Dog Starz and Pet Starz pages!  Lots of fun pictures and videos of Aurie's 2010 and 2009 litters are on the Puppy Photo Gallery page - and take a look at the Puppy Movie below, we bet you'll smile!

You Make Me Smile Puppy Movie

Please Contact Us if you are interested in adding a Winterstarz puppy to your home in the future!

Puppy Photo Gallery

For more photos of Winterstarz puppies, see the Puppy Photo Gallery.

Stud Service

We have two males that are available for breeding to females that we approve.  Approval is based on our evaluation of the female's temperament, conformation, movement, pedigree and working history.  In addition, proof must be presented that her hips and eyes have been checked and found free of heritable diseases and disorders. 

The males we have available for stud service are: 
Howler - CH Winterstarz Sun of Istari, AOM, WTD, WPD, WWPD, RN, AAAM 
Major  - GCH U-RBIS-CH UWPCH Winterstarz Ursa Major, WLD, WTD, WPD, WWPDX, RN, CD, CGC, TDI, AAAM
To learn more about these dogs please click on their names to visit their pages.  Frozen semen is available for both Howler and Major.
         Howler        Major  

Adult Dogs 

Please Contact Us if you are interested in adopting an adult Malamute.

 Aurie on March 27 2011 - Almost 1 month pregnant!
Sunny at lead on your left on February 22, 2011, 10 years young!
Mirka competing in a weight pull
Mirka showing as a puppy
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