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Sassy (right) with sister Penny learning to love working with the cart and team, October 2009              Sassy posing, July 2009, 6 months old

Sassy and Penny are sisters, both born on WinterStar Farm on January 1, 2009, in a litter of 11 puppies. Seven of the pups in this litter were girls, so we decided to name these puppies after two stars, Pleione and Sterope, which are in the Pleiades or Seven Sisters constellation. Sassy earned the "Sassy" part of her name herself!  She is a confident girl and a fast learner.

Sassy is being shown in conformation and has won the puppy class a few times. She took a major Reserve Winners at the Lake Elmo dog show in August 2009, winning over several adults at age eight months!  The Alaskan Malamute Club of America reports that Sassy was the top ranked Alaskan Malamute puppy bitch in the Midwest in 2009.

Sassy has also completed Beginner Obedience and is training now in Intermediate Obedience. She is a fast learner in Agility and enjoys figuring out new obstacles. We started carting and dogsledding with her in the Fall of 2009, and she is a natural at working, running best in dual lead or point (one behind lead).  She completed all four of her 10 mile sledding runs to earn her WTD (Working Team Dog) title by January 2010, sledding the last two legs at the 2010 Crowditarod weekend here at WinterStar Farm.  She started weight pulling in 2011 and quickly got the hang of it, earning her WWPD (Working Weight Pull Dog title) in just a few competitions.  She loved training for backpacking, and by Fall 2011 earned her Working Pack Dog (WPD) title.  We are happy to have this lovely girl in our kennel and look forward to more fun times with her!

           Sassy (behind lead dogs) on her first 10 mile run for a Working Team Dog title, January 2010

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Sassy's Health Clearances



CERF: AM-2934

CHD: AMCA 13915


LONG COAT: Not tested

DNA Banked

DNA Profile #: V586621

Sassy was spayed in 2012, so was not tested for PN or long coat.

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