"Sirius" - Black Ice's Flaming Sirius, WTD, ROMWD
born September 1, 1999              died August 14, 2011

OFA:  Excellent AM-11027E35F-NOPI, CHD: AMCA 13910

BIS BISS A/C CH Marlayne’s Forty Niner A/C CD, HIT, WTD, WLD
x BISS CH Black Ice's Autumn Splendor

Sirius' Offspring with Titles:
"Howler" - CH Winterstarz Sun of Istari, AOM, WTD, WPD, WWPD, RN
"Pegs" - Winterstarz Flaming Pegasus, WTD, WPD, WWPD
"Major" - AKC/UKC CH Winterstarz Ursa Major, WLD, WTD, WPD, WWPDX, RN, CD, CGC, TDI
"Aurie" - Winterstarz Flaming AE Aurigae, WTD, WPD, WLD
"Minnie" - Winterstarz Ursa Minor, WPD, RA
Bred by David and Shilon Bedford of Black Ice Kennel, we purchased Sirius - named after the Dogstar - as a sled and show dog prospect in October 1999.  We were just in the process of purchasing WinterStar Farm then, and were busy for several years with building our home and kennels and improving the property, so we never entered Sirius in the conformation show ring as we had planned.  She is a terrific sled dog with great conformation and a sweet and joyful temperament, so we had no hesitation to expand our kennel with her offspring. 

Sirius is the foundation bitch of Winterstarz Alaskan Malamutes.  She gave birth to two litters of puppies, both sired by Procyon, and we kept five of her eleven puppies - she is the mother of Howler, Pegasus, Minnie, Aurie and Major, and the grandmother of Penny, Sassy, Huck, Arrakis and Wes. 

Sirius earned her Working Team Dog (WTD) title in 2007.  Her Register of Merit - Working Dog (ROMWD) title was awarded when four of her offspring earned their Working titles, but she has done more than required and is actually the mother of five working Malamutes, many of whom earned more than one working title!  At 11.5 years old, she was still going strong pulling the cart and sled, even up to 10 mile runs, but we are slowly retiring her to make room for her grandkids on the hitch!  We still like to run our new puppies next to her on the team, so she can show them the ropes.

Take a look at the advertisement we ran in the January 2010 Alaskan Malamute Club of America Newsletter to celebrate Sirius' ROMWD title - see Advertisement Page 1 and Page 2.

On August 14, 2011, we lost our wonderful DogStar Sirius due to hemangiosarcoma, a malignant tumor of blood vessels which she had developed in her abdomen.  We miss her joyful spirit, and are glad she blessed our lives for so many years.  Her kids and grandkids now carry on her legacy and will do her proud.  Sirius' grandpuppy Wes wrote a Memorial Tribute, which was published in the Alaskan Malamute Club of America Newsletter in October 2011.

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