"Aurie" - Winterstarz Flaming AE Aurigae, WTD, WPD, WLD, ROMWD

Istari's Procyon Winterstar, ROMWD X Black Ice's Flaming Sirius, WTD, ROMWD

Aurie's Offspring with Titles:
"Penny" - U-CH UWPCH Winterstarz Pleione of the Pleiades, RN, WTD, WPD, WWPDX, CGC, TDI, VAM, AAAM
"Sassy" - Winterstarz Sassy Sterope of the Seven Sisters, WTD, WPD, WWPD
"Kenai" - Winterstarz Cute As A Daisy, CDX
"Huck" - AKC/UKC CH UWP Winterstarz Halley's Comet, RN, WTD, WPD, WWPD
"Wes" - U-RBIS/CH UWPCH Winterstarz Western Star, RN, CGC, WTD, WLD, WPD, WWPDX, AAAM
"Kosmo" - Winterstarz Kosmo's Moon, WPD
"Mahuk" - Winterstarz Mahuk of Kataum, WTD

Aurie on the farm, 2010    Aurie moves out

Born April 15, 2005, Aurie is a very sweet tempered girl who often leaves the pack at playtime to score extra cuddling with us!  She is also a very solid member of the WinterStarz sled dog team.  She is a versatile, hard working girl who pulls well in several positions on the hitch.  She achieved her WTD (Working Team Dog) title in Spring 2007 and her WPD (Working Pack Dog) title in 2010.  She earned her WLD (Working Lead Dog) title in 2011, earning the last leg at the 2011 CrowDitarod here at WinterStar Farm.

Aurie took most of the 2008-9 sledding season off to raise a litter of 8 puppies sired by Charger.  We are very excited to welcome two of Aurie's daughters, Penny and Sassy, to our pack.  Aurie has completed Beginner Obedience and has shown in some conformation/breed shows, including Brace class with her daughter Penny.  Aurie's daughter Sassy was recognized as the #1 Puppy Bitch in the Midwest in 2009, by the Alaskan Malamute Club of America.    

Since her 2009 litter of puppies was so nice, we re-bred Aurie to Charger in late May of 2010.  The breeding was successful and Aurie's litter of seven puppies, 4 boys and 3 girls, arrived on August 1, 2010.  We kept one boy, Huck, from this litter.   See below for some pictures and a movie of Aurie's puppies; also see the Puppy Photos Page for more photos, videos and movies.

We bred Aurie one last time in March 2011 to Sue and Roy Fuller's dog Sunny; she delivered four beautiful pups May 4, 2011, three by C-section!   See the Puppies Page for more details.  From this litter, we kept a beautiful boy, Western Star.

Aurie has been genetically tested for long coat and is S/S, which means she does not carry the long coat gene and cannot produce long coat puppies.  We will not be breeding her anymore due to her increasing age, and all the great puppies she has produced already!


You Make Me Smile Puppy Movie

Aurie (right) running in dual lead with her brother Major, 2007    Karina, Aurie and Penny in Brace class, Lake Elmo, 2009       

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 Aurie's Health Clearances



CERF: AM-2861

CHD: AMCA 13912



(does not carry long coat)

DNA Banked

DNA Profile #: V585613

Aurie had three lovely litters for us, and has now been spayed.  She was spayed before the Polyneuropathy DNA test was available, so we did not test her for PN.  Her offspring that have been tested have all been normal.

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